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Now You Can Make Even More Money

with Less Effort…

Introducing The Worlds Most “Intelligent” and Complete Real Estate Investing Business Management Platform Available Online Today…

This is the software I use in my business every day…It’s a MUST have!!!


You Get ALL The Bonuses

If you decide to become a Flip2Freedom Academy member today,  I’m going to add SIX huge bonuses, valued at $8,782.00, just because you’re an action taker… (I like that)

Bonus #1 – $397 Value

Fast Start to Your First BIG Check

There is NOTHING like flipping your first house using no money out of your pocket and getting a HUGE check.  MY first $11,008 check was life altering for me.  I couldn’t sleep the night before, the excitement was unbearable.

Then actually holding the check in my hand was priceless.  I created this out of thin air.  What a sense of confidence.  I knew that I could do this over and over again and dig my way out of the miserable situation I found myself.

I created this FAST START series to give you that same power and experience.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • The Fast Start to Your First Big Check “Game Plan” Video
  • The 129 Page Desk Reference Manual to Lay Out the 19 Mega Strategies.
  • 6 Hours of Audio Training Revealing the “Four Phases of Freedom”

You absolutely NEED this to gain momentum right from the starting gate to accelerate you to the exhilaration of receiving your first big check.

Bonus #2 – $497 Value

Download My Huge Vault of Forms & Contracts Including…

  • Residential Purchase Contract (when buying)
  • Residential Purchase Contract (when selling)
  • Assignment of Contract
  • Option Agreement with Seller
  • 15 Day “Flex” Option
  • Authorization to Release Information
  • Wholesale Property Analysis Form
  • Wrap Property Analysis Form
  • Buyer Lead Sheet/Script
  • Seller Lead Sheet/Script
  • Weekly Activity Log
  • Monthly Activity Log
Bonus #3 – $497 Value

Download the Most Cutting Edge Spreadsheets

Gain access to the spreadsheet I use every day to run a million dollar a year wholesaling business:

  • Marketing to Income Analyzer: Use this to gain clarity on how to produce income at will.
  • Lead to Income Tracker: Use this so you can determine which leads and how many produce the income.
  • Lead to Income Projection Worksheet: Gain clarity in your business by projecting your monthly income.
  • Wholesale Offer Generator: Know exactly what to offer on a property by using this simple but powerful tool.
  • Residential “Fix and Flip” Deal Analyzer: Know the exact cost and profit on any potential fix and flip.
Bonus #4 – $1,997 Value

The Ultimate Coaching Vault Archives

Every coaching call since the inception of the Flip2Freedom Academy in November of 2010 has been recorded and ready for download.  If you think the podcast has been helpful, wait until you listen to these power packed, real world in-depth ADVANCED “nothing-held-back” conversations between new and seasoned real estate investors and Sean Terry.

The vault of archives goes way beyond the material discussed in the core training.  It gets ultra personal, down to the specifics like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

The bottom Line: This is the most sought after, highly raved about intimate training you can get your hands on PERIOD!

“NO one is providing this type of detailed and specific information anywhere in the marketplace today!

Thank you Sean!”


Bonus #5 – $397

The Game Changers Video Experience

Here’s the deal.  We all know that there’s something more to success than just the ACTION we take right? Have you ever wondered why for some people everything just goes their way? It seems like everything they touch turns to gold.

I’ll give you an example, how is it that two new investors with the same experience can send out 500 mailers a piece to the exact same list using the exact same mailer and one investor gets 3 deals and the other get’s none?

You see, I was the investor that would get none.  I would rack my brain for what I did wrong.  Maybe I said something bad, maybe it just wasn’t my day.

I couldn’t figure it out…

Until I watched these videos.

You’ll learn how to be that investor that get’s the deals.  You’ll have that edge, that confidence, that golden touch…

“This was amazing….I was seeking some juice for a boost and this provided that….”





**Bonus #6 – Limited Spots Available**

Personal Hands On “LIVE”  Mentorship

Bonus #6 - Priceless

Finally Have a Genuine Mentor Guide You Step-by-Step Through the Path of Uncertainty with Confidence…

What if you had a mentor that got on the phone with you every two week and answered ALL your questions?

Would it make a difference in your business?

More than likely.  Well that’s what you get when you become a Flip2freedom Academy members today.  A private invitation to a LIVE coaching call designed to teach a timely strategies or showcase successful students by dissecting their recent deals and exposing the “golden nuggets” for you to take away and apply in your business.

This one bonus will MAKE your entire membership worth every penny you invested.  It will finally give you a “shoulder-to-lean-on” that’s in your “corner” and can guide you in the most profitable direction.

By participating in these exclusive “invite only” calls you’ll gain the intimate knowledge, personal confidence and seasoned expertise that will save to thousands of dollars and untold countless hours trying to “figure it out“.




“Bonus #6 Could Go Away at Any Minute”

Because I am dedicated to answering EVERY question in detail on the “LIVE” hands-on invite only coaching calls I have to limit the amount of members that receive this bonus.  If I don’t, the calls could go on for hours and hours. Once we reach our internal number this bonus will no longer be available. :(   So as of the date below this bonus is still available BUT could vanish at any minute…

Here’s A Wrap-Up Of What You’re Going
To Get That’ll Skyrocket Your Business!

The Flip2Freedom Academy includes the following:
  • HD, Studio Quality, 19 week Intensive Blueprint That Lays Out My Entire Business Model.
  • FreedomLogic: The Most Intelligent Real Estate Investing Software Online Today.
  • Bonus #1: The Fast Start Training Series (Value: $397)
  • Bonus #2: The Huge Vault of Contracts and Forms (Value: $497)
  • Bonus #3: Download The Most Cutting Edge Spreadsheet Available Today (Value” $497)
  • Bonus #4: The Ultimate Coaching Vault Archives (Value: $1,997)
  • Bonus #5: The Game Changers Video Experience (Value: $397)
  • Bonus #6: For a Limited Time the Personal Hands on Live Mentorship via Invite Only Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls. (Value: Priceless)

“That’s $8,782 in FREE Valuable Bonuses”

Now, if you decide to make a forward decision and become a member of the Flip2Freedom Academy, your decision is protected by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. There is no similar guarantee if decided the “same old same old” route or make no decision at all.


I am so confident the Flip2Freedom Academy will exceed your expectations that I am offering a NO QUESTIONS ASKED 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

That’s right! If you are not 100% satisfied for ANY reason, I will GLADLY refund your entire purchase price! There is NO RISK involved with your forward decision!


“Save $400 Right Now & Become a FreedomLogic Member Today”

Special Offer-FREE TRIAL (Try FREE for 30 Days)
Retail Price - $997

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Talk Soon,,

Sean Terry

P.S.  Remember you get access to the most intelligent real estate investing software online today!

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